Wednesday, October 3, 2012

October-ish Pics ... and Malcolm!

Fall fell with a 'whump' last night. The temperature was 23 degrees! The Empress tree, with its huge, velvety leaves, gives up the ghost at the first hard freeze and drops them all in one day. I lay in bed this morning, watching them fall like green handkerchiefs. I suppose it's the last time I'll see this tree go to sleep for the winter.

I brought out the Halloween box today, looking for Malcolm. I love my little ghoul. I've had him for years and he told me right away that his name was Malcolm. I took him to the woods for a float and a hover to get the musty dust out of his shroud. Now he's content to hang on the front door. At least, during the day. Who knows what he gets up to at night. Sometimes, he's turned around in the morning ... I never ask him.

Lots of spider webs around ~ they looked sparkly after the frosty night, once the sun came out and made things dewy ...

On an autumn walk in the woods and down the road, I found a few more interesting things ...

And then Malcolm and I returned home ...

If you catch a wisp of white outside your windowin the deepest part of the night, it's probably just Malcolm ~ visiting his old haunts and searching for himself. He won't bother you. I'm pretty sure.


  1. Great shots from your autumn walk!! That first shot, in particular, is great!! Looks like the spiders wrapped the tree up ready to be put away til next year :-)) Malcolm looks likes he's yawning like he just got up .

    1. Yawning ... he does look like that! Well, as I said, Malcolm has busy nights. Glad you liked the photos.

  2. awesome pictures gayle ingenious !
    we dont celebrate halloween here...i'd love to decorate the house with spooks n lights n

    1. I know you'd have a blast with the Halloween decor, Sonny! It's Jim's favorite holiday, so we have plenty of stuff. A few times, he's set up a full-on graveyard out front.